You make the difference!

Our booster club consists of parents whose children are in (or have been in) the music program
in the Owego Apalachin School District.

We operate various concessions stands during music related events to raise money to support our music program. Working concession stands or volunteering for a music event is fun and the more people that help makes the work go very smoothly.

Here are some of our activities and needs for each event:

  • Craft Fair
    – Event Coordinator
    – Coordinate Vendors
    – Setup Friday Night
    – Concession Coordination
    – Concession Staffing (Saturday)
    – Booster Table (Saturday)
    – Teardown (Saturday)
  • Barnes & Noble Book Fair
    • Wrap gifts at Barnes & Noble table.
    • Distribute coupons to encourage people to shop on our book fair day.
  • Open Houses (OFA, OAMS, AES, OES)
    – Staff information tables
  • Musical Playbill
    – Solicit playbill ads (mid-November through December)
  • Musical Show Dates
    – Concession Coordination (for 3 shows)
    – Concession Staffing (for 3 shows)
  • Ice Cream Social
    – Coordinate social and staffing
  • Concerts
    – Staff Concessions Table at Concerts

Click here to let us know what you may be able to help us with this coming year.

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